Monthly Checks of OIG Exclusion Lists

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SureCheckUSA provides automated low cost compliance screening to healthcare facilities that provide Medicare or Medicaid billable services.

  • Monthly compliance checks of all Federal and State OIG Exclusion Lists

  • Employees, vendors and contract personnel

  • Flagged results are highlighted each month with automatic email notifications

  • Resolution of each flagged entities included

  • Documents of resolution findings are attached to a flagged entity’s record for compliance review or audit

Medicare/Medicaid Exclusion Screening

OIG Exclusion Compliance

Monthly Medicare and Medicaid exclusion checks of employees, vendors and contract personnel

Secure Communications Portal

SSL Encrypted Portal

SSL encrypted web portal allows easy access to results, reports and invoices. Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Sensitive Personal Information (SPI) stored in an encrypted state in our database.



Comprehensive screening is completed on a monthly basis to ensure your business is compliant.  We check all federal lists: List of Excluded Individuals and Entities (LEIE), System for Award Management (SAM) and GSA-EPLS.  We also check all available state Medicaid exclusion lists. 

Notification & Verification

Notification & Verification

Immediate automated email notification is delivered if any “flags” are identified in the monthly screenings. PDF reports are available for all completed monthly screenings and individual resolution/verifications. These reports are required during all OIG audits.
“OIG has the authority to exclude individuals and entities from federally funded health care programs. The effect of an exclusion is that no payment will be made by any Federal health care program for any items or services furnished, ordered or prescribed by an excluded individual or entity.”



in OIG fines since 2010

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  • Immediate automated notification – Of any individual or vendor “flagged” is provided after every monthly screening.

  • Monthly results and reports – Unlimited access to all current and archived results and reports.

  • Resolution/strong> – Of all resolved flagged individuals and vendors.

  • Compliant – HHS Inspector General recommends monthly federal and state exclusion screening for all organizations receiving federal healthcare dollars.


  • All-inclusive – No origination fees, no monthly fees, no renewal fees, no hidden fees. Monthly invoice based on volume of requested checks.

  • Tiered pricing

  • Custom pricing – SureCheckUSA understands that “one size” does always fit. We provide customized services and pricing that will fit your needs.

  • Renewal & Multi Year Discounts – All renewal and multiyear contracts receive additional value discounts.

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